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untapt works like a whole team of recruiters. Only smarter.

Our AI instantly puts you in front of top candidates from our talent pool. No searching or recruiting required, and only qualified members may apply. That’s why our clients interview an average 4 in every 10 applicants.

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Qualified tech talent. Every time.

Stop wasting time and money vetting candidates. Our AI algorithm reviews complicated tech resumes with the accuracy of real human recruiters.

Plus you’ll have plenty of talent to choose from. Our team provides guidance reaching untapt’s immense user base, optimizing job posts, telling your company’s story and advertising to top applicants, wherever they are.

The science behind your matches.

untapt is unlike any other job-site, because we’re built on something better.

Our algorithm has processed millions of real-life job scenarios, identifying what qualities make for a successful candidate with incredible accuracy. And with state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing powering each scan, no amount of buzzwords or tricks can fool our system.

Find the best candidates with a data-driven, streamlined experience.

What our clients say about untapt:

“Significant increase in resume flow and interviews. More high quality candidates than any other platforms we’ve used.”

— recruitment manager at a global financial institution

“I found more quality candidates over any other platform or recruiter and at a fraction of the cost.”

— cto at startup

The best site for sourcing IT talent. The resumes I receive are high quality and relevant to the job opening.”

— ceo at hedge fund

“untapt has a unique ability to deliver high quality candidates for hard to fill/unique roles. This has been the best platform that I have utilized in a long time.”

— head of engineering and product recruiting at a leading adtech firm

“untapt has been a valuable resource for our internal sourcing team. They have produced several high quality candidates who have done well in our very difficult interview process, more so than other similar platforms we have tried.”

— recruitment manager at large, data-driven fund

“untapt has been the best resource for us to find candidates”

— vp of engineering, data analytics startup